Wednesday, November 09, 2005

a new approach

seven pathetic posts in two months - that is way way too little
i need to do something to jumpstart this goddamn blog

so lets write some stories
every posting from now on is a mini-story featuring.....featuring........Feridoun?
No. I just like the sound of the name because I've been making a belated effort to read up on my own culture - make that a Westerner's bad translation of my own culture.
60,000 rhyming couplets and all that Helen Zimmern has is 18 lousy chapters.
Well i suppose its more of plot-outline than translation.
Turns out you can learn Avesta online - whoop de de
Now I can finally learn what those prayers I say mean
Yeah sure - right after I finish my Ph.D. in Hindi.

But i digress - the character's name, his(or her?) name
Now isn't that supposed to be the most difficult part - the name?
Keep looking heavyfoot - now there's a name - Heavyfoot
So much for the power of word association

These are all too corny
But then again aren't story names always a little corny?

Good enough for now - the (ever so) forlorn adventures of Deadrim - coming soon (I hope)

Monday, November 07, 2005

blogs, diaries etc

read a newspaper article yest - Iran is apparently the fourth largest blogging nation in the world (and no, it didn't mention the first three) - numbers as high as 46,000 and 75,000 are quoted
this was offered as evidence against Iran's reputation as a close, repressed society

the obvious conclusion is that the only reason for so much blogging from so few is the repression
without newspapers, magazines or tv as an outlet, the internet is a fortunately (and probably temporarily) overlooked medium

coming and going

i drafted this a while back - decided to publish it as it is

i should be shifting back to Pune soon

i hear( and utter myself) too many meaningless phrases these days about "good work" or "different work"

i've lost and a lot of my peers have lost a workman-like attitude that is the only real way to work.

maybe this is just the nebuously unsatisfactory feeling you get when you're not doing what you think (or want) you should be doing