Wednesday, May 10, 2006

and more exercises

One more caferati exercise, insults in verse...
this one aimed at myself(where could I hope to find a better subject)..

Self-flagellation, verse and worse

I sat down to write some verse
On you of all unseemly things
But fell asleep fore the first curse

Had left my lips, which brings
Me to the first of your faults
You boringest of Caferati's underlings

Of course you do spew out vaults
Of horrid verse and rhythmless prose
All those brainless verbal summersaults

Princess stories, love poems and those
Too nauseating to mention
GETTING A LIFE might end those woes -

But saying that I should perhaps then
Consider the disadvantages you suffer
Starting with that weak receding chin

You manage to look even more a duffer
With that receding hairline
Forgivable if you were tougher

But your tendency to whine
And permanently lost look
Make you appear perfectly asinine

I find you unkempt, uncouth, and a kook
A net addicted disaffected nerd
What was the last time you read a book?

Cursing you is easy , you're so absurd
But I have only so much time to waste
On such a hopeless piece of turd

Go pop em suicide pills with all due haste


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