Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A Plastic Flag

An I-day post -

A Plastic Flag

This year I bought it on the street again - a plastic flag.
Orange and green leaking onto white in a small stain - a plastic flag.

Tacky? Yes. But cheap, waterproof and flag-poled
By a thin straw, it flutters gently in disdain - a plastic flag.

The chakra - count the spokes for every dialect and sub-dialect,
For every fence and flavour - count, lose count and count again - a plastic flag.

The future after all always comes neatly packaged and labelled -
So put it on your desk, no need to explain - a plastic flag.


Blogger Ankur Sardana said...

keep it and use it..sip sip

5:40 AM  

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