Monday, May 08, 2006

and more parodies...

and a parody of Suniti's poem, The Unicorn and the Maiden Fair

The Unicorn and the Dark Maiden

In a magical forest
In a faraway land
There lived a Unicorn
Who great stature did command

No ordinary unicorn was this
Most unicorns have manes of snow
But this one was jet black in hue
From nose to tail to toe

His mane obscured the sun
His snort blew leaves off trees
His hooves thundered the ground
But the unicorn had a rare disease

Unlike other unicorns who traipsed
Around with all manner of Maidens Fair
He despised these apple cheeked blossoms
Still there was something quite not there

He galloped through the forest
In a mad furious flight
And the dust clouds dark
Turned the day into night

He reached a lake one afternoon
And his eyes beheld on the lake shore
A girl With skin dark as a nut,
Weeping. The unicorn paused unsure

And then he approached and said
"Lady, I bring a gift"
"A gift?", she screamed
"Sir twas better you practiced thrift

"I've been mocked and fooled
By so many charlatans before
Keep your fairness creams and potions
Your spells and charms and lore

"I'm dark as night, ugly as sin
Princes and paupers pass me by
Taunts from ivory blondes and brunettes
Long ago ceased to make me cry"

"Lady, I bring a gift"
The unicorn said again
"But tis not for you
Allow me to explain

"Long have I searched for
A girl with skin warm as earth
With hair bewitching as the night
And limbs that move in such sweet concert

"Take a single hair from my mane
And bind it in your own, you will not
Change a bit, but it will open the eyes of
These foolish men who care for you not a jot"

The girl dried her eyes, approached
The unicorn and raised fingertips
To pluck a hair from his mane and
Let his mouth gently brush her lips

She bound the silky thread
Into her dark lustrous mane
With that the unicorn vanished
And she never saw him again

Thereafter, fools and princes alike
Fell swearing undying love at her feet
Tho at first bitter memories ruled her heart
One fool carried her to a sweet defeat

These days she does not cry
Except in happiness
Her days and nights are warm, she
Basks in her long awaited bliss

Still some nights as she lies asleep
In her lover's arms, it seems
A dark mane just brushed her lips
She smiles, closes her eyes and dreams


Blogger suniti said...

Nice to see this one here :) You show a distince flair for style, intellect and loads of pure wickedness. No wonder you are good with parodies :)

6:53 AM  

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