Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Tonight your eyes,
are pools I can
no longer drown in.

Conversation lies beside
our fingers like an
untouched appertif.

Your moisturizer protected
palms on the table lie
like two white napkins

or envelopes of
questions but I can
only stare above you

A painting of a
girl too innocent
to have applied

the Kajal herself has
her pallo round her head
and tween her teeth

She's coy, but papery age
has pulled a tear from her
eye that beckons me

And leads you to ask
my absent self -
"Whats wrong?"

Whats wrong with the
flavour of my lipstick
stains on your neck

the spice of my scent
that you wear like
an afterthought

the waft of the gold
highlights in my hair
that light your eyes

And I have to honey
my voice and say -
"Nothing. Nothing at all."


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