Tuesday, May 16, 2006



Out from the mouth
Of an inter-city bus, I
Emerge gingerly from the mist
Of early morning sleepiness.

A small forgettable stop,
Like so many others where always
The same cup of tea bubbles up,
As if from a shared reservoir.

On a grassy patch a duck
Squats half-asleep, its neck
Turned backwards, bill buried
In the feathers of its back.

As the bus leaves, it stirs briefly,
Tastes the morning air, full of the
Danger of lonely departure, and sinks
Gratefully back into soft feathery sleep.


Blogger balderdasher said...

felt like a versification of one of the many experiences i ve had with neeta volvo on the way to pune ;)

i forgot the name of that stopover joint though..

6:38 AM  
Anonymous Joy said...

You got some talent sir....nice stuff!!

1:13 PM  

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