Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The wurble puss of Jam Tree Gully

considering the usual state of my mind, the strange thing is that its taken me this long to get around to nonsense verse

The wurble puss of Jam Tree Gully

The wurble puss of Jam Tree Gully
Is certainly a handsome beast
In her coat of bright blue feathers
That's stunning to say the least

Its fuzzy wool warm in winter
Sparkling bright in the rain
The careless love larks of summer
Dance round it again and again

You'll find her on Tuesday evenings
Hunched behind the dairy stand
Quietly munching a dahi-kachori
Stylishly held in the left hand

If you're brave, my dear, go close
And have a look at her eyes
But step slowly, hold your breath
The wurble puss doesn't like spies

One's a small brown marble
Warm and friendly as can be
The other's a big black scary ball
That stares and stares unwinkingly

But really she's all right, as long
As her eyes don't turn green
Then its far too late to run
Or slowly slip away unseen

Then do exactly as I say
Touch right thumb to your lip
And turn around twice
But be careful you do not slip

Blink twice at the wurble puss
Quick and nasty like a cat
Skip once forward and twice back
You can't do better than that

If you're lucky or you see some
Pink cotton clouds in the sky
She'll run dropping the kachori, never
The dahi tho - she's far too sly

Once I even found a blue feather
Dropped off her coat you see.
Come visit me, and I might just
Use it to flavour your tea.


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