Saturday, March 04, 2006

Yet another tea poem...

Morning tea meditation

Brewed long, brewed warm,
In the civilised patience of pure porcelain,
Poured out like a household blessing.
Hands clasped round the cup meditate
On the self-satisfied tea pot
Growing brown liquid contentment within itself.
Sip long and slow at this cup,
Wash yourself over with its contentment,
And learn the wisdom of sitting still.


Blogger Malang said...

Why, ph why why why EOULD YOU PICK CAMERA'S. ergo this is my first official girlcott of the topic.

todays ghordopic - books

bookbark- the attested scrap of tree that we each condemn to sit withing a decomposed forres waiting to be dscarded.

bookball- glory be to the eye of the beholder, who beholds footstall wisdom.

3:58 AM  

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