Monday, May 08, 2006


huff .. puff..
been working a few caferati writing exercises

here's an entry in the parodies exercise

a parody of Jhumur's poem, Tempt me Tonight

Tempt me tonight

Tempt me tonight,
Come home before midnight.
Slip past the ogre boss,
And short-skirted secretary

Startle me tonight,
Tell me your mother wasn't right,
About every goddamn thing.
Name a dish I cook better.

Trace your longing,
In silver foiled chocolates,
Flowers or perfume or
The bestseller I haven't read yet.

Let the taste of pleasure,
Not be some hidden treasure,
You only seek after planning and plotting.
Turn me over like a bag of sweets.

Journey through
The so very few
Things it takes to please me.
Say "I love you" to me again.


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