Wednesday, September 28, 2005


when you wake up each morning check if this is in your morning routine?
do you look out of your bedroom (or in my case living-room) window before you leave for the day
i realised today how important that is to me
if you look out the window you probably -
1) can squeeze in at least a few seconds of wistfulness in your day, and I can't imagine life without a little dreaminess
2) you are looking for something beyond the here and now - some people might say that just means you're not happy with yourself
3) it gives your poor overburdened subconsious something to grasp at outside the unchanging morning ritual

its a noise nuisance to have your window face a road or street rather than a building compound, but like the road - most roads, even little ones are not the same every single day

of course there are lots of other small places people dream - brushing their hair, shaving, in the shower

but make sure you find time to dream a little - sleep without dreams may be restful, but a fully conscious day without any dreaming sounds much like a prison to me

Saturday, September 24, 2005

more sf

more and more sf
i don't believe i'm ever going to read anything else :)

found a magazine that concentrates on the "gosh wow" kind of science fiction rather than the shock/social analysis kind
Amazing Journeys

been reading two collections of sf stories this weekend - one of the gosh wow kind and one of the shock kind and I have to admit I lean towards the first
I like being educated while I read but I won't read to be educated.

Finally got off my ass and started writing a bit this week.
How long it continues of course remains to be seen.
So far I have only one crappy unpublishable story.

I did understand one cliche this week though - "Writing is like standing in a rainstorm waiting for lightning to strike."
Here's to getting my hairwet a lot more often