Sunday, July 02, 2006

I used to be Gene Kelly

I used to be Gene Kelly
At least - I was -
When the sidewalk could take it.

I used to stand open faced
Dry shoed - or wet -
And spin clouds into laughter

Now I dance in June - too soon
In August -
Because I must, but never in July

Mumbai keeps earth-quakes strange
Tremors - 5 or 6 -
Bother it less than a drizzle does.

Sometime tho, resentment boils
Like lava - and -
Sometimes falls in endless cold rain

Raindrops gather in a mob and
Lash lash out
In a fury beyond all sense

They come in different colours but
Its hard
To see which won, which are dead.

Moses supposes he counts his toeses
Correctly - but he -
Knowses there's scarcely point at all

Its enough to stand in a puddle
In the sun
Its enough to be standing at all.

But there's still a love song
Saying - have you -
Ever kissed in the rain?

Kissed? Yes - kissed it all
Goodbye - down -
Down the overflowing drain

Watched it swirl around in
Cold cold July
And still say the next day

Good morning, good morning
Its great to
Stay up late. Good morning

To you, and you, and you
But - how few
Of us are left, how few

Now to walk down that lane
And - cough up -
A happy refrain, and keep an eye

For those dark dark dark clouds again.